Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rainbow Wedding Cake

Bawah: 12" Rainbow Cake; Atas: 7" Rainbow cake  

Salam, ini adalah 1st order wedding cake dari esyalicious... Sorry aunty kalau ada kekurangan.. We'll improve from time to time... Berat rainbow cake ni 5kg++ ...


  1. No probs dearest..the cake ended up to be cakes for so many occasions ...birthday cake for those niece & nephews and cucu yang lahir May/June..anivessary cake for mak/ayah pengantin and of course wedding cake.. Pengantin tanya cake ni boleh ke letak wordings....lupa nak request, it was my fault...there's always a first for everybody...Glad I could be one of your first customer!!!...

    1. Woww, yeke!!! nanti aunty send la picture kek yg dah dipotong.. :) oo, mmg boleh letak wording...